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Download Guitar Pro 5.2+serial number

Guitar Pro 5.2+serial number


Download PerfectDisk Pro

PerfectDisk v.9 Pro



Download Easy GIF Animator v4.4.0.32

Size : 2.53 MB


Easy GIF Animator is powerful yet very easy to use software for creating and editing animated GIF images. With this animated GIF editor you can easily create animated pictures, banners and buttons in no time. You can use special features to add stunning visual effects and prepare your animation for publishing on your web page. Easy GIF Animator supports all types of GIF animation and provides high compression and great quality for your animated GIF images. To top it all off, Easy GIF Animator is the best priced animated GIF editor on the market today.


Folder Lock Full Version serial number

Folder Lock Full Version serial number



GetDataBack for FAT and NTFS v3.30.001

GetDataBack is good softwere, help you to recovery your data.

GetDataBack for FAT and NTFS v3.30.001 : DOWNLOAD


Linux or Windows OS

Many a times Windows users talk about what Windows can do but Linux can’t. To be fair, they also need to know what Linux can do but Windows can’t.
After Reading this most article about both OS. I be sure, when Linux is better than Windows. oh really? lets we check it out ;p

Core OS Features:

  1. It works its available today. Its not a vaporware and is available today.See some of the reasons below.
  2. Linux doesn’t have the virus problems.
  3. No Spyware. Not just spyware but none of those funny applications that keep doing things in the background.
  4. Linux Doesn’t need defragging.
  5. Linux doesn’t crash without any apparent reasons.In Linux the core operating system (kernel) is separate from the GUl (X-Window) from the applications (, etc). So even if the application crashes, the core operating system is not affected. In Windows (Microsoft prefers to call this tight integration) if the Browser crashes, it can take down the entire operating system.
  6. Linux doesn’t crash if you accidently pulled out your USB key/pen drive.
  7. Linux doesn’t require frequent re-installation. In Windows if the OS crashes, there is no easy way to recover this. Many IT support staff don’t know what to do and all they can do is re-install Windows. Which means that users applications and preferences are lost, and again needs to be installed. I haven’t seen anyone using Linux, requiring to re-install unless there is a hard drive failure. Most things in Linux can be fixed without requiring re-installation. The benefit of this is all the users preferences can be preserved even if the OS needs to be re-installed. This can be handled by creating a separate partition for the home directory.
  8. Linux also doesn’t require rebooting when a new hardware device is added configured.
  9. Most importantly Linux doesn’t reboot on its own! I have had a situation where Windows updated the system and then rebooted on its own, without my knowledge.
  10. Linux doesn’t require frequent rebooting. Linux runs extremely stable, even if an application crashes, there is no need to reboot the whole system, just restart that application or service.
  11. No licensing headaches. Yes Linux is free and you don’t know need to bother about the complexing licensing of per user/per PC/per server/etc.
  12. Linux can read over a 100 different types of file systems. Windows is limited to its own two file systems. Well most general users may not care about this but its extremely useful is you are working in a mixed environment or you need to extract some data from a hard drive formatted on another computer.
  13. You have the source code and the right to modify or fix things if you are a programmer. Many end users think this is not necessary but they will realize how important this is when their application vendor decides to discontinue support on a older version to promote a newer one.
  14. Linux can install in logical partition or a second (slave hard drive as well) Windows can only be installed in a primary partition.
  15. Linux is scalable right from the PDA/Cellphones to super computers.
  16. Linux is running mission critical applications.
  17. Linux has less bugs than commercial software, this is one of the main reasons for its stability.
  18. You can also share the software with your friends and its completely legal to do so. Didn’t your teacher tell you in kindergarten that you should share things with your friends? Linux and Open Source actually encourage that while if you do that in Windows its not only considered illegal but they will call you a pirate!
  19. Linux costs less, cause not only the OS is free but the applications are also free. Plus since Linux doesn’t have a virus problem, you also save on the recurring cost of Anti-Virus software. Note: You may still have to pay for support/training but the over all running cost is low.
  20. Both Linux and Windows has shell environment Windows (know as command prompt). The shell environments in Linux (such as bash) are more powerful and you can write entire programs using the scripting language. This is extremely useful to automate repetitive tasks such as backup.
  21. Linux can run from a CD or can be installed on the hard drive. Windows by default doesn’t have any such option. Using live CDs such as Ubuntu/Knoppix, users can try out Linux by booting from the CD, without the need to install the operating system.
  22. Linux is also extremely portable, it can also run off pen drives/portable hardrives/thumb drives and more.
  23. Did you know that in Windows, there is built in back-door entry so US government can see you data as and when they like? Yes the US NSA has the key build into every copy of Windows. In Linux there is no such thing possible as the operating system is open source and can easily be detected and disabled.
  24. Linux has built in virtualization(XEN/KVM/VirtualBox/etc.) so you can run multiple copies of Linux or other operating systems simultaneously.
  25. The Linux kernel comes shipped with an enormous load of hardware drivers. On Windows, a lot of hardware doesn’t work until you install the driver, this problem is worse with Vista. On Linux, a huge percentage of today’s common hardware works perfectly out-of-the-box.
  26. Vendor independence. With proprietary operating system, you are dependent on the vendor who developed the operating system. With Linux you have a choice of vendors, so even if the vendor fails to give you support, you can always move to another vendor. Choice of vendors also means more competition, which means better value for money for the customer.
  27. It won’t die or get killed like what happened with other fantastic but proprietary operating system such as OS/2, BeOS. Reason being, its open source and someone will maintain in and today there are many big companies behind and have bet huge money on Linux.
  28. Unlike Windows, Linux doesn’t use registry. Most of the configuration is stored in plain text files, which are easy to manage/backup and transfer between systems. Registry is a pain to manage, very complex and your system configuration is stored in a proprietary format which needs special tools to open. The biggest pain with registry is when it gets corrupted, this problem is eliminated in Linux because it doesn’t use registry.
  29. Linux is the most documented operating systems and most of these documentations are available for free. These documents are well written and explain computing concepts too.
  30. Linux has more wider support from online forums, articles and most importantly the community. There are Linux Users groups is almost every country, city and small towns as well.
May just it can i write, cuz i so tired :D . I wish this post can be used as reference OS choosen.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Dragonball Evolution the movie

Finally, Dragonball movie is come. I really happy and waitin this movie, after read Dragonball comics series by Akira Toriyama.
"Dragonball Evolution" is adapted from the manga created by Akira Toriyama; the work was also turned into a Japanese anime series that played all over the world. It tells the story of an alien sent to destroy Earth, who has a change of heart and decides to join the humans in their fight against various aliens and bad guys.

Film Database

Dragonball Evolution

Release Date: April 8, 2009
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Director: James Wong
Screenwriter: James Wong
Starring: Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum, Eriko Tamura, Joon Park, Chow Yun-Fat, Texas Battle, Randall Duk Kim, Ernie Hudson
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy
MPAA Rating: Not Available
Official Website:
DVD Review: Not Available
DVD: Not Available
Production Stills: View here
Plot Summary: "Dragonball Evolution" is adapted from the manga created by Akira Toriyama; the work was also turned into a Japanese anime series that played all over the world. It tells the story of an alien sent to destroy Earth, who has a change of heart and decides to join the humans in their fight against various aliens and bad guys.

Movie Trailer :


Sunday, February 15, 2009

NAZI flag from swastika

If you see this flag and you'll thinking about one name, Adolf Hitler.
In the wake of widespread popular usage, the Nazi Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or NSDAP) formally adopted the swastika (in German: Hakenkreuz (hook-cross)) in 1920. This was used on the party's flag (right), badge, and armband. It had also been used unofficially by its predecessor, the German Workers Party, Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP).[citation needed]

In his 1925 work Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote that:

I myself, meanwhile, after innumerable attempts, had laid down a final form; a flag with a red background, a white disk, and a black swastika in the middle. After long trials I also found a definite proportion between the size of the flag and the size of the white disk, as well as the shape and thickness of the swastika.

When Hitler created a flag for the Nazi Party, he sought to incorporate both the swastika and "those revered colors expressive of our homage to the glorious past and which once brought so much honor to the German nation." (Red, white, and black were the colors of the flag of the old German Empire.) He also stated: "As National Socialists, we see our program in our flag. In red, we see the social idea of the movement; in white, the nationalistic idea; in the swastika, the mission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man, and, by the same token, the victory of the idea of creative work."

The swastika was also understood as "the symbol of the creating, acting life" (das Symbol des schaffenden, wirkenden Lebens) and as "race emblem of Germanism" (Rasseabzeichen des Germanentums) .

The use of the swastika was associated by Nazi theorists with their conjecture of Aryan cultural descent of the German people. Following the Nordicist version of the Aryan invasion theory, the Nazis claimed that the early Aryans of India, from whose Vedic tradition the swastika sprang, were the prototypical white invaders. It was also widely believed that the Indian caste system had originated as a means to avoid racial mixing.[citation needed] The concept of racial purity was an ideology central to Nazism, though it is now considered unscientific. For Rosenberg, the Aryans of India were both a model to be imitated and a warning of the dangers of the spiritual and racial "confusion" that, he believed, arose from the close proximity of races. Thus, they saw fit to co-opt the sign as a symbol of the Aryan master race. The use of the swastika as a symbol of the Aryan race dates back to writings of Emile Burnouf. Following many other writers, the German nationalist poet Guido von List believed it to be a uniquely Aryan symbol.

more about swastika : click


Blink 182 is back!

After disperse in 2005, Blink-182 punk rock band from California have announced their reunion and ambitions to record new material. At the 51st Grammy Awards ceremony on February 8, 2009 all three members of the band appeared onstage for the first time since December 2004. "To put it simply, we're back," they wrote. "We mean, really back. Picking up where we left off and then some."
The band are recording a new album and hope to tour this summer.
Barker announced the band's reformation, stating that "we used to play music together, and we decided we're going to play music together again," with Hoppus adding, "Blink-182 is back!" A message appearing on the band's website the same day confirmed the reformation and added that the band is in the studio writing and recording a new album and preparing for a world tour.

The band also updated their "smiley face" logo to feature six arrows instead of the previous five. Blink-182 split in 2005, 11 years into their recording career. In a YouTube video posted the next year, guitarist Tom DeLonge slammed his former bandmates, saying "I do not want to be in a bullshit pop band with some bullshit pop songs while you drive your fucking bullshit car and sing along to it like you're some 14 year-old girl."
He was fed up, it seemed, with persistent, obnoxious and giftedly catchy punk-pop songs.
After the on-stage announcement many fans began to speculate on Travis Barker's arm being in a sling. An MTV article released on February 10 claimed that Barker had recently undergone surgery to repair "extensive nerve damage," from which a recovery could take up to ten weeks. This will not affect the tour, which is scheduled for Summer 2009.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

all about google help

Did you ever want to get a help file for Gmail, Google Docs or for Google Desktop so you can print it or save it on your computer? All Google services have help centers that include information about features, tutorials, troubleshooting guides, but you need to find the information in a complicated hierarchy of topics or use the search box.

Fortunately, there's a way to save all the information related to a Google service: append ?fulldump=1 to the address of a Google help center. This doesn't work for all Google services, but here's a list of addresses that dump all the information from a help center (note that the pages are very large and are frequently updated):

Gmail Help:

Google Calendar Help:

Google Docs Help:

Google Spreadsheets:

Google Presentations:

Google Reader Help:

Google Video Help:

YouTube Help:

AdSense Help:

Analytics Help:

Google Desktop Help:

Picasa Help:

Google Toolbar for IE:

Google Toolbar for Firefox:

Google Earth (PDF):


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tips Alexa rank ?

Pertama membuat blog yang pertama saya dipikirkan adalah bagaimana agar blog cepat dikenal dan banyak yang membaca artikel-artikel yang kita buat. Setelah membaca beberapa artikel dan tutorial yang ada, mungkin Alexa rank adalah senjata yang mematikan untuk meningkatkan popularitas blog anda di dunia maya. Dan dengan alexa rank dengan nilai yang baik akan membuat iklan-iklan antrian untuk pasang iklan dan hasilnya uang!!!. Banyak yang mengatakan bahwa cara ini adalah cara kuno atau mitos saja terhadap alexa rank tapi apa salahnya mencoba. Dari beberapa blog yang menjadi "seleb" juga banyak membuat artikel-artikel sejenis dan hasilnya nilai alexa mereka cukup menggiurkan.

Berikut beberapa cara umum agar alexa rank meningkat :

  • Pasang alexa toolbar pada browser internet anda. cara ini sangat bermanfaat agar nilai alexa anda meningkat cara ini kuno tapi cukup bisa "mengigit".
  • Pasang alexa widget di blog atau website. mungkin cara ini lebih klasik. but, its ok!
  • Promosikan, caranya buat posting dan artikel mengenai alexa apapun jenisnya mungkin kita disini menjadikan iklan bagi miss. Alexa untuk beliau lebih populer.hufft!
  • Setting blog atau website anda menjadi homepage pada browser. Cara ini sedikit "kotor" karena sebagian besar mungkin blog kta dikunjungi oleh kita sendiri. Tapi hal tersebut adalah cara yang ampuh agar alexa rank dapat melesat.
  • Pelajari SEO. Dengan mempelajari SEO dengan baik dijamin blog anda akan mudah menjadi "seleb"
  • Rajin blogwalking adalah cara yang paling jitu.
  • Menulis postingan yang bermutu dan banyak dicari orang. Dengan demikian om google bakal "lebih cinta" sama anda atas permintaan searching dari client nya.
  • Aktif blogging. Semakin sering dan banyak kita membuat postingan semakin banyak pula indeks yang terdaftar di mesin pencari.
  • Daftarkan blog atau situs anda ke forum-forum yang ada.
  • Blogroll dan exchange link.
Mungkin cara-cara diatas terlihat kuno dan jadoel punya tapi jangan diremehkan cara tersebut bisa dibilang ampuh untuk membuat alexa rank kawan-kawan meningkat tajam. Sekiranya tips "basi" ini bermanfaat..cheers! readmorethisarticle...

Tips Yahoo Messenger multiple login

Simply close your messenger if it is On and then follow the following steps :

1. Go to Start --> Run . Type regedit, then enter.

2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_ USER --> Software -->yahoo -->pager-->Test

3. On the right page , right-click and choose new Dword value .

4. Rename it as Plural.

5. Double click and assign a decimal value of 1.

Wow you finished it.
Simply start the messenger and login your account.
once you sign in.
again click on the Yahoo messenger (From wherever you have started it last time)!!
it gives you another chance to login though you are logged in your first account.
this way you can now log into multiple yahoo accounts.

Enjoy and cheers!!!!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

India luncurkan laptop termurah didunia ($10)

India diawal tahun 2009 merilis laptop yang diklaim sebagai laptop termurah di dunia dengan harga $10/unit dan rencananya Laptop ini akan dijual 500 Rupee atau Rp 121.373. Laptop yang diberi nama Sakshat ini merupakan proyek dari pemerintah India untuk meningkatkan kualitas para pelajar dan mahasiswa dibidang teknologi sehingga tidak ada kesulitan bagi mereka yang miskin untuk mengenal IT. Laptop ini diharapkan bisa menjembatani adanya "digital divide" antara yang kaya dan yang miskin. Pemerintah India berhrap laptop murah ini bisa dipakai di 18 ribu sekolah tinggi dan 400 universitas.

Laptop dirancang secara keroyokan oleh para peneliti dari berbagai lembaga: Vellore Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology di Madras, Institute Sains di Bangalore, dan perusahaan negara Semiconductor Complex. Laptop ini memiliki RAM 2 Gigaita, akses Wi-Fi, dan agar murah tidak menggunakan sistem operasi Windows. Para peneliti yakin laptop ini benar-benar akan seharga Rp 100-an ribu. RP Agarwal, pejabat tinggi di kementrian pendidikan India mengatakan laptop ini sebenarnya ongkos produksi satuannya mencapai 1.000 Rupee atau Rp 220 ribu. "Tapi karena produksinya massal maka harganya bisa ditekan," katanya.

India memang dikenal pencipta teknologi yang super-murah.
Tahun lalu, misalnya, Tata Nano, menghasilkan mobil termurah di dunia dengan harga 100 ribu rupee (Rp 24 juta).
Bagaimanapun juga proyek pemerintah India ini patut diacungkan jempol walaupun banyak pihak yang meragukan kualitas dari produk-produk teknologi ciptaan India. Seharusnya Pemerintah kita mencontoh apa yang dilakukan pemerintah India yang berani memproduksi teknologi murah untuk rakyatnya.betul tidak?! hihiii..


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