Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blink 182 is back!

After disperse in 2005, Blink-182 punk rock band from California have announced their reunion and ambitions to record new material. At the 51st Grammy Awards ceremony on February 8, 2009 all three members of the band appeared onstage for the first time since December 2004. "To put it simply, we're back," they wrote. "We mean, really back. Picking up where we left off and then some."
The band are recording a new album and hope to tour this summer.
Barker announced the band's reformation, stating that "we used to play music together, and we decided we're going to play music together again," with Hoppus adding, "Blink-182 is back!" A message appearing on the band's website the same day confirmed the reformation and added that the band is in the studio writing and recording a new album and preparing for a world tour.

The band also updated their "smiley face" logo to feature six arrows instead of the previous five. Blink-182 split in 2005, 11 years into their recording career. In a YouTube video posted the next year, guitarist Tom DeLonge slammed his former bandmates, saying "I do not want to be in a bullshit pop band with some bullshit pop songs while you drive your fucking bullshit car and sing along to it like you're some 14 year-old girl."
He was fed up, it seemed, with persistent, obnoxious and giftedly catchy punk-pop songs.
After the on-stage announcement many fans began to speculate on Travis Barker's arm being in a sling. An MTV article released on February 10 claimed that Barker had recently undergone surgery to repair "extensive nerve damage," from which a recovery could take up to ten weeks. This will not affect the tour, which is scheduled for Summer 2009.


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i think is Blink-182 better than AVA,hehehe ;p

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