Saturday, January 17, 2009

Official: President-elect Obama’s new Cadillac Limousine

When Barack Obama is officially inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America next week, he will ride to the ceremony in a brand new Cadillac Limousine.

The inauguration takes place at the Capitol building in Washington on Tuesday 20 January, and Barack Obama will be riding there in style. His Cadillac Presidential Limousine is a completely new design, featuring all the latest Cadillac styling cues, and an interior fully equipped for presidential use.

Unsurprisingly, details of the new limo's extensive security features remain shrouded in the utmost secrecy - as they have done throughout what's been described as "an extreme testing regime". The car clearly has to withstand virtually any kind of attempt on the new President's life - we won't be finding out how it works anytime soon.

Luxury and security…
But, we can tell you that the cabin area Obama will occupy includes an "extensive executive compartment". This features seating for important meetings on the go, a good view of the outside world (through several inches of bulletproof glass, no doubt), and "useful mobile office features".

The presidential seal is embroidered on the rear seatback and door panels, and also displayed on the outside of the rear doors. Two flags are flown on the front fenders whenever the President is in residence - so to speak - the US national flag on the right, the presidential standard on the left.

Secret Service call it 'the beast'
LED spotlights illuminate these flags at night - demonstrating the Cadillac is more high-tech than its appearance might suggest. Flashing strobe and emergency lighting will almost certainly built in, along with run flat tyres, and immense armoured plating. Don't expect the windows to open. It is also likely to be four-wheel drive.

Changes compared to the previous presidential car, the 2004 Cadillac DTS Presidential Limousine used by President George W. Bush, include a more upright stance for better visibility. But otherwise Obama's new ride is of similar size and proportion. The US Secret Service reputedly refers to these heavyweight machines as 'the beast'.

While earlier presidential Cadillacs were modified and adapted by specialist independent limousine companies, since 1993 Cadillac and parent company General Motors have carried out all of the work in-house. "Cadillac is again honoured to provide a new Presidential Limousine," said Mark McNabb, North American vice president of Cadillac.


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